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White wolf in black sheep’s clothing

December 7, 2012

From a forum post:

The black pastor was merely speaking what a lot of thoughtful non-racist Christians of all denominations and colors and ethnicity are thinking but are afraid to say because of our modern folly of equating any criticism of a politically approved minority with inordinate and evil prejudice.

The knee jerk reaction to such criticism sadly extends to the estimable  leader of this forum. (Perhaps because my earlier lengthy defense of part-Hispanic and part-black George Zimmerman was a bit too impassioned.)
Are there any factual errors in the black pastor’s message?
Are there any opinions that are contrary to scripture or to historical and traditional mainstream Christian teaching?
The great irony of our situation is that our president is much more an elite white person in upbringing than any sort of black.
His faults are those of our white pseudo-intellectual elites.
Real black people, in my opinion, have a lot more common sense. 
But loyalty is a virtue. Loyalty to family, ethnicity, town, state, nation. The balancing of these loyalties in real situations has its difficulties. 

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