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Bible versions

December 7, 2012

From a forum post.

The root of the problem you describe is the varying weight that translators put on the oldest NT copies found in the 19th century.

Most recent translations put much weight on recent discoveries because they are the earliest written witnesses.

One noted translator has a theory that the reason these texts survived so long was because they were inferior and placed in storage rather than being used to make more copies.

Some have tried to find a middle ground by following the majority of surviving copies.

There is a majority text interlinear that I have found valuable because it documents the significant differences with traditional and modern textual standards.

The OT and NT in 26 versions is also a helpful books. It gives significant differences from 26 versions in an easy format. (This is better than Bible Works 9 software which enables automatic difference highlighting.)

I find the New King James best for general use. But I always try to check for significant differences.

A sovereign God has allowed these differences. Open mindedness about which is best seems advisable. The differences may have been permitted to improve our understanding. Consistency with the whole of scripture is key. And our common sense and experience should not be disregarded.

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