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O’s latest egregious non-feasance

October 27, 2012

Our president’s latest egregious, possibly impeachably felonious and treasonous, certainly impeachable, non-feasance

Major media monkeys support fellow surrender monkeys in government as they did when condemning millions of South Vietnamese and Cambodians to death and slavery.

Local news reporter grills President Obama on Libya, […] | The Daily Caller  11:30 PM 10/26/2012

In an unusually direct and at times tense interview with Denver local news station KUSA, President Barack Obama on Friday admitted on two occasions that he doesn’t know whether the administration denied requests for military assistance by the U.S. [Consulate CIA annex] in [Benghazi,] Libya when it was besieged on Sept. 11.

“Were the Americans under attack at the consulate in Benghazi Libya denied requests for help during that attack? And is it fair to tell Americans that what happened [in Libya] is under investigation and we’ll all find out after the election?” anchor Kyle Clark asked at the top of the interview.

“The election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened,” Obama replied. “Nobody wants to find out more what happened than I do. But we want to make sure we get it right.”

“Were they denied requests for help during the attack?” Clark asked again, referring to reports that the U.S. military could have intervened before militants killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. (RELATED VIDEO: Father of slain Navy SEAL accuses White House of murder )

“Well, we are finding out exactly what happened,” Obama repeated. “I guarantee you that everyone in the State Department, our military, the CIA, you name it, had number one priority making sure that people were safe.

N.B. Some animals are more equal than others and have a more equal right to safety. Particularly ultimate strugglers, fellow travelers, and useful idiots running for re-election.

These were our folks and we’re going to find out exactly what happened.”

N.B. Note that our president’s sense of obligation seems to be supposed normal neighborly affection and not, explicitly,  an obligation based on an oath of office.


Clark then focused the interview on stimulus spending. […] At that point, beginning to sense the interview would take on an aggressive tone, Obama laughed nervously. […] Clark ended with one more question about what he claimed was the president’s apparent hypocrisy. […]

The uncomfortable interview was unusual, given that the president rarely allows the press the opportunity to ask him tough questions. According to ABC, a university professor found that Obama has been less accessible to the media — both at informal press pool events and press conferences — than his predecessors.  [My emphasis.]

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