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Romney’s chainsaw

October 4, 2012

A chainsaw is not an inappropriate tool when dealing with the vile undergrowth of semi-implemented marxist falsehood that infests our Nation.

Great contrast with our president who keeps feeding the weeds with massive applications of manure.

Valient chainsaw crew surrounded by evil scrub.

Ragin’ cajun stumbles into the truth. somewhat.

Carville: ‘Mitt Romney came with a chainsaw’ | The Daily Caller

Add CNN’s James Carville to the list of Democrats questioning President Barack Obama’s against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday.

In CNN’s wrap-up of its debate coverage, Carville, a campaign adviser to former President Bill Clinton, gave Obama’s campaign high marks but added that Obama probably didn’t go by the playbook his campaign wanted him to.

“Let’s be real,” Carville said. “They have run a very good campaign thus far. I don’t think that President Obama did what this campaign wanted him to do. I think he was off his game tonight. But let’s don’t go overboard here. It will be like a big sort of pushback. … My point is this — President Obama came in, he wanted to have a conversation. It takes two people to have a conversation. Mitt Romney came in with a chainsaw. He’s trying to talk to a chainsaw.”

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