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Major media doubles down on O

October 2, 2012

Major media doubles down on the re-election of our president. The freedom of our elections is greatly constrained by a monolithic major mainstream media mafia. They are doubling down to preserve their hegemony through the re-election of their chosen one, our undocumented, unexamined, unprepared, non-performing, egregiously impeachable president.

Mainstream media censorship of pertinent information and deliberate distortion through egregious spin of both news and opinion is tantamount to treason against the sovereign peoples of the several sovereign states.

Major media mafia in support of chosen one.

Roger L. Simon » We Live Under a Media Coup d’État

It is the media that rules us then, not politicians. Politicians come and go; journalists, pundits, commentators – in print, on television, and now on the Internet – last forever, or nearly, as they pass the baton to the next generation without a semblance of an ideological blip, seamless as a gold medal track team.

They are the ones who tell our story to us. They are our mirrors and they are indeed a new class, as resistant to change as any entrenched group of the rich and powerful. (Yes, many of them are not so rich and powerful nowadays, but the ones that count, the ones that truly rule, are. And the others stand patiently by, waiting for their turn.)

This class, more than any, determined that Barack Obama should be president and they consequently will work more assiduously than any to assure his reelection, because a failure in that would be a serious, perhaps fatal, attack on their hegemony.

The coup would be in danger of a counter-coup. That can’t be allowed to happen. No facts, no events (Benghazi, Fast & Furious, endless unemployment, a healthcare fiasco) will get in the away or be allowed to be given serious credence.

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