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O’s $1 trillion hyper-whopper

September 29, 2012

Our president’s $1 trillion hyper-whopper. The gentle Southern smoothness of the Clinton clause has been replaced by Chicago machine smash and grab style of prevarication.

Obsolete truth meter does not register low enough on the falsity side for 3rd millennium US president.

Obama claim of cutting spending is not right | McClatchy

In an ad this week, the president touted “the $1 trillion in spending we’ve already cut.”

[…] Congress last year approved $917 billion in cuts from projected spending over the coming decade. Not actual spending.

Federal spending totaled $3.6 trillion in fiscal 2011, the period that ended Sept. 30, 2011, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. This fiscal year, which ends Sunday, total spending is expected to decline to $3.56 trillion, and decline further to $3.554 trillion next year.

But those two brief cuts total just $49 billion over the two years – well short of $1 trillion. And after that, spending starts to rise again, and by 2015 should again top the 2011 figure. By the end of the 10-year period in 2021, the CBO projects federal spending of $5.5 trillion.

[…] Also, Obama in his ad says that “we” did it.

But the measure passed the House of Representatives with more Republican than Democratic support – 174 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted yes, while 95 Democrats and 66 Republicans were opposed.

The next day in the Senate, the plan passed 74-26 with bipartisan support.

The measure was approved only after weeks of tense White House-congressional negotiations – negotiations the Obama administration did not want – that broke a tense stalemate and allowed the nation’s debt limit to be raised.

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