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Big choice in November

September 24, 2012’s pic of the day put me in mind of the great choice that the several sovereign peoples of the several sovereign states (and federal citizens of residing in federal territories) will make in November.

Even the godless and lawless would be wise to avoid governance on godless and lawless principles.

I was also put reminded of a choice presented to a new nation in ancient times.

The choice was to serve the gods of the new land given by Providence through conquest or to serve the gods of the land they had come from.

As a nation of immigrants, most Americans have faced a similar choice. And a large majority have sided with the governmental principles of the founders.

These principles have their roots in the Protestant Reformation by way of English puritans and Scots covenanters.

But in recent decades we have been increasingly educated and informed by the pseudo-intellectuals of the new new left. Their bizarre pseudo-moral values of “fairness” and “diversity” have convinced many that they can practice and impose alien governmental principles without regard to their neighbors.

The ancient leader and his house and his like-minded followers avoided the choice between gods through trust in the Most High God, who was known to them by His covenant Name.

For those who share that ancient trust, the remarkably big political choice becomes part of that light affliction, which is but for a moment, and is working out for them that believe a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

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