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O birth fraud motive revealed

September 23, 2012

Our president’s birth fraud motive revealed. Best solution of the mystery so far. Zanzibar birth now back by several lengths. Frank Marshall Davis as natural father fits the known facts. Many loose ends resolved by new evidence and the completeness of the presentation in the online video. Available at link below or on CD fom Amazon.

A wise man knows his own father. A wise voter demands real facts and testimony about a candidate.

Your Weekend Must See Video  | This is the remarkable 2 hour documentary you’ve been reading about. Save this. Try to watch it. It will change your life. – [from –  Must Reads of the day – 22 Sept. ‘12]

The ring of truth, September 22, 2012 |.

By James V. Batley “Jim Smiling” (Gaithersburg, MD USA)

This review is from: Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception (DVD)

As an interested retired person I have followed accounts of our president’s origins, history, and later egregious, obviously impeachable, malfeasance in office since his gross defects became apparent to me in January 2008.

I had been aware of most of the evidence for, and theories about, the facts demonstrated in a coherent narrative in this film.

The many additional facts and the fitting of what is known into a single coherent narrative is new. Frank Marshall Davis as the natural father had a strong probability. But the notion of the mother of a President as a teen age nude semi-porn model caused decent people (and I) to keep their distance. They had forgotten the last Democrat president who probably had a natural father whose name remains known to very few. (Slick Willie was also a president who probably had an earlier career as an accomplished serial rapist.)

This film has the ring of truth. Particularly for one already very aware of most of the factual evidence it is based on.

Like the Swift Boat evidence of 2004 it will probably never be substantially contradicted. But the spin will be extra dizzy.

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