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O’s recent treasonous lie

August 12, 2012

Our president’s egregious, seditious, subversive, impeachable and treasonous lies to the sovereign peoples of the several sovereign states.

One of the latest:

Decent people protested Reid’s low blow. But the president of the United States wasn’t among the decent people. He could have denounced Reid’s slimy tactic. But he didn’t say a word. And that makes him complicit.

And when the president’s friends were asked what they thought, they simply changed the subject to Romney’s taxes. The president’s press spokesman, Jay Carney, said this was a matter between Harry Reid and Mitt Romney.

Except that no one believes that Harry Reid was freelancing, that he woke up one day and said I think I’ll go on the floor of the Senate and say that Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years. “The word’s out” that the president’s re-election team was pulling the strings of their willing puppet.

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