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Old media dog renounces new trickery

August 12, 2012

Bernie Goldberg has learned a lot after leaving CBS a decade ago. May the new and proper enlightenment spread and bear the fruit proper to a good tree.

Bernard Richard Goldberg, also known as Bernie Goldberg, is a twelve-time Emmy Award-winning American writer, journalist, and political pundit.

It is the dirtiest political commercial I have seen in a very long time. But again the president remained silent.

And again, his silence makes him complicit in this moral outrage.

It’s important to remember that Barack Obama rode into Washington four years ago on a magic carpet made up of hopes and dreams and promises to make the national conversation less partisan and more civil.

It’s tempting to believe that Mr. Obama has thrown his principles out the window in order to win. But it’s becoming more and more clear that he never had the principles he sold us on. It’s becoming more and more clear that Barack Obama is just one more crummy Chicago politician who will do whatever he has to in order to win. Somebody needs to tell the president that the White House isn’t City Hall.

Mr. Obama’s tactics, of course, may work. But if he wins re-election, he will be the president of a nation more divided than when he walked into the Oval Office four years ago. With his class warfare strategy, he has managed to turn Americans against each other. With his ally’s dirty campaign ad, he has managed to make us more cynical than we were before he promised to make things better.

If he wins, Barack Obama and the American people will have paid a high price for victory. It’s a price he’s obviously willing to pay.

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