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Race Hate Marches On

July 15, 2012

Race Hate Marches On. Usual suspects still at large.

However, Judge Kenneth Lester must be told that because he is biased, at least in this case. The documentation for that disturbing conclusion is contained in the persuasive text of O’Mara’s motion. That text contains further evidence of the scandalous behavior of other officials sworn to apply the law in an impartial manner, especially Special Prosecutor Angela Corey.
Like Angela Corey, Judge Lester purposely ignored any evidence that tended to support Mr. Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. Remarkably, the judge even ignored the testimony way back at the initial bond hearing of State Attorney Investigator Dale Gilbreath which was quite supportive of George Zimmerman. As O’Mara stated, “Gibreath acknowledged that the State had no evidence to contradict the conclusion that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor and threw the first punch, and no evidence to contest that Mr. Zimmerman was headed back to his car when Mr. Martin attacked him.”
The O’Mara motion also stated, “the evidence provided at this early stage of discovery by the State (and reviewed by this Court) shows that Mr. Zimmerman is likely innocent.” That of course has been my conclusion and it should dominate all proceedings in this tragic matter.
Up to now, it has not, which reflects the bizarre state of race relations today.

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