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O’s marvelous O’care

June 30, 2012

Our president’s marvelous Obama-care.

Flick of the wands of our supreme wizards and a penalty becomes a tax.

“No taxation without misrepresentation” – pic of the day 120630

Straight talk from the editor emeritus of the Washington Times, Wes Pruden:

Americans have grown soft and lazy over the past few decades, fattened on the notion that the lawyers on the Supreme Court know what’s good for us, that they will see that we live happily ever after, to feed on the soup they make from whatever emanations and penumbras they can find in the Constitution.

The Supreme Court gave Mr. Obama his law and his “legacy,” such as it may be, but they gave Mitt Romney and the Republicans a cause beyond price. Running against the tax collector and the biggest tax increase in history should be so easy even a caveman could do it.

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