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Right way to “bear your cross”

June 12, 2012

Right way to “bear your cross”. From a forum post:

(Joh 19:17 NKJ) And He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull, | Artist rightly sees the Cross bourne, for the King, by his providentially supplied servant, Simon of Cyrene.

{{_ If you rightly bear your cross, it will bear you. [ – Thomas a’ Kempis]}}Unfortunately most are led by the ubiquitous error of the Galatians in interpreting the verses about bearing ones cross.It us important to remember that our Savior spoke the words in the context of prophecy about His own crucifixion.

Ones cross, the symbol of sins deserving crucifixion, is to be borne, following Him, to Golgotha. (As Simon of Cyrene, providentially illustrated. The disciples, save Mary of Bethany in part, did not understand.)
At Golgotha, we are to accept crucifixion with Him. Thus, our cross becomes His. Our sins become His burden and He takes them away.

For the begotten again Christian, the bearing of his own cross is done with, and he reigns in life as viceroy, under the great King and over all responsibilities providentially given him, in the true freedom of a true child of God.

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