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TV: News from nowhere

June 1, 2012

TV: News from nowhere. Definitive book. From a forum post.

{{_ bob>Here in the U S we grew up watching the evening news and assumed it was correct. We still do. I wish fox would have a 30 minute evening news at the same time and in the same format as I think many would go to fox instead if they could.}}

Providence seems to be dealing with the evening news. Improved technology is driving and will drive people to other news sources.

The definitive book on the evening news remains: “News From Nowhere”

News from Nowhere: Television and the News by Edward Jay Epstein. or

In an age when the American public relies more on television for its news than any other medium, Edward Jay Epstein’s detailed, probing analysis of the decision-making process in network news organizations has achieved the status of a classic. Mr. Epstein shows how internal corporate policy and budget requirements shape the direction of television news coverage. What we see on the network evening news, he demonstrates, does not mirror reality because TV’s essential aim is not to inform but to excite viewers enough to induce them to “stay tuned.” “The best book ever written about any aspect of television.”—Richard Schickel. “The book is burnished with insights on virtually every page. Epstein’s analysis seems to me incontestable, and is offered with great cogency, elegance, and sophistication.”—Stephen J. Whitfield, Brandeis University. “A complex, fascinating book….Mr. Epstein shows that no educated citizen should rely exclusively or principally on TV news, but also that none should fail to watch it.”—Wall Street Journal.
The Wall Street Journal has remained true to the above quote. Their news staff faithfully largely echoes the propaganda directed at the public. While their editorial pages give the additonal access to what else is actually going on. They publish for investors who pay to get information about both current brainwashing and the actual truth.

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