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O qualification cover up treasonous

June 1, 2012

Our president’s qualification cover up treasonous. From a forum post:

{{_ Is Arizona going to take him off the ballot if his birth “proof” is not furnished by November?}}

No. The Arizona official caved and accepted Hawaii’s lame cover up.

In fairness, the various lame statements from Hawaii may be aimed mainly at covering up the frequency of fraud in the registration of foreign births as in Hawaii.

And also, in fairness, neither Congress nor state legislatures have established proper procedures for verifying qualifications for national office.

This is why multiple courts have refused to examine the issue. They claim that without legislation they lack jurisdiction. It is up to individual state officialdom. And to the media, the people, etc.

I believe that the sovereign People may elect a constitutionally unqualified president, if they are fully informed of the lack, or possible lack, of qualification. For a citizen to fail to release such information is treason, both a capital and impeachable offense.

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