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The fragility of Islam

May 28, 2012

The fragility of Islam. From a forum post. Do not miss Spengler article 10 or so paragraphs down.

{{The success of Islam is oppression because no one is allowed to question the Quran.}}

Mohammed trapped in cement as Arab World boat sinks in ocean of Terror, Intolerance, etc.,: “Why do my people rise up over a few cartoons and not realize that we are sinking?”

Those following this thread might be interested in reported major advances in modern Islamic scholarship by moderate Muslim scholars and other informed scholars.

It now seems that Islam was invented to justify Arab conquests in the middle East and North Africa. Christian and Jewish scriptures were used as a model in which a largely invented Arab prophet took on many aspects of Moses and of Jesus.

The accounts in the Koran and associated traditional authoritative literature cannot be verified by scholarship as occuring in the years assigned to them.

The vast superiority of the West in economics, warfare, social arrangements, science and scholarship is undermining the foundations of exceedingly backward societies.

The great danger is that we are not standing up to the suiciders and terror chiefs among them and opposing them at every opportunity with every available weapon wisely deployed and used as appropriate.

The desparation of the leaders of collapsing societies coupled with weapons of mass destruction and a demonic religion that has always bred suiciders are a recipe for serious and massive harm to mankind.

[PJ Media:] Spengler » Why Invent Mohammed?

Why invent a new religion? Robert Spencer’s excellent new book Did Mohammed Exist? collates recent historical research questioning the existence of the historical Mohammed, much of it previously not accessible to a lay American audience. This is a dangerous thing to do, and a courageous one.

Some years ago I chided Spencer for giving the Koran too much credibility; more important than the nasty things one finds in the Koran, I argued, are two questions: “1) Mohammed may never have existed, and 2) If he existed, he may have had nothing to do with the Koran, which well might be an 8th- or 9th-century compilation.” Spencer’s present book will be translated into major Muslim languages and published on the Internet, according to Daniel Pipes. That is an important and welcome development.

This point was made eloquently last year by the Georgetown University political philosopher Fr. James Schall, who argued, “The fragility of Islam, as I see it, lies in a sudden realization of the ambiguity of the text of the Koran. Is it what it claims to be? Islam is weak militarily. It is strong in social cohesion, often using severe moral and physical sanctions. But the grounding and unity of its basic document are highly suspect. Once this becomes clear, Islam may be as fragile as communism.” Koranic criticism, I have argued since 2003, is Islam’s Achilles’ Heel.

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