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O’s 3rd US Birth “proof” also debunked

May 27, 2012

Our president’s 3rd US Birth “proof” also debunked.

My apologies to Bing, Bob, & Dorothy. The 1941 movie did not inspire a trip twenty years later. The teen aged mother’s notion that birth in the father’s land might help the child to be elected to the presidency there is the most probable motive.

I thought that it was “Three strikes – you’re out!”. Impeach now!

[American Thinker] Articles: Will the 1991 Biography Discovery Force Obama to Open the Hood?

At  this point, let’s hope that the establishment conservative press can finally get  a handle on navigating the Obama secrecy [scandal] skillfully and without fear.   The entire issue has been wrongly framed.  There is no burden on the  [sovereign People, even those that are rotten no good birthers,] to prove anything.

It’s  not about “birther” conspiracy theories. It’s not about avoiding the “birther”  label at all costs.  It’s about the staunch secrecy of Barack Obama.   It’s fundamentally about one simple question: what the hell is Obama  hiding?

There  is absolutely no reason why citizens should have to “believe” that Obama is  eligible for the presidency when relevant evidence is being  withheld.

Full  disclosure will immediately end the suspicions that citizens reasonably have.   The twin drums to be pounded are (1) the burden is on Obama to end all  controversy for the sake of the country, and (2) the posting of images on the  internet doesn’t meet the Pawn Stars standard for authentication of  documents, let alone the legal standard that Obama should be held  to.

Anyone  may safely advocate those two points.  It’s really easy, and I encourage my  conservative colleagues to try it.

Prior  to the Breitbart bombshell, we had countless oddities and anomalies.   There’s the African folklore: African newspapers, officials, and paternal  family members have indicated that Obama was born in Mombasa.  [Part of Zanzibar at the time. Only the birther nuts think he was born in Kenya.] There are no  living witnesses to Obama’s Hawaii birth.  There’s the island state with a  documented history of registering foreign births as Hawaiian.  There were  the ambiguous and misleading words of its officials concerning what the  Department of Health has in its archives relating to Obama.  There was  Obama’s sideshow spectacle of uploading his “birth certificate” [which proved registration not birthplace] to the internet  in 2008 only to abruptly “release” the reportedly nonexistent birth certificate  in 2011 (again online [in an obviously faked and falsly modified fraudulant “document”]) after fighting its production in court after court for  over three years.

But  now in light of the Breitbart discovery, the production of Obama’s college  applications and records is as relevant as the need for Obama to comply with the  legal standard for the production of his birth certificate — which means  producing certified paper copies for interested state election officials while  making the original [of all birth documentation] available for authentication in Hawaii.

Arizona’s  secretary of state, Ken Bennett, could have used the Breitbart discovery to  support a demand for legal compliance and authentication of Obama’s Hawaii  records (what a great way to get this shocking news to the general public).  But, sadly, it  appears that Bennett has backed  down from his halfhearted request that Hawaii’s Department of Health send  him a certified paper copy of the original birth certificate (the Department  merely informed Bennett that the copy it produced for Obama matches the  original, [NOT] that Obama’s [obviously faked and fraudulant] internet image matches the  original).

The  Breitbart discovery also connects the discovery  by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigative team relating to the blatant forgery of  Obama’s Selective Service registration form.  At this point, that document  must be produced as well. [My emphasis. Article link above after its title.]

The smart money is on Zanzibar.

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