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O both inept & immoral in killing bin Laden

May 27, 2012

Our proposterous and undocumented president seems to have demonstrated ineptitude as well as immorality and impeachability in the essentially treasonous murder of Osama bin Laden. From a forum post:

Was our president photo-shopped into the situation room monitoring of the bin Laden murder? Or was our president in the room but not at the table. I report. You decide.

{{_ As is quite clear, this is all about your president; OBL is of use to your argument only inasmuch as he validates your anti-Obama venting. Throw in the requisite bit of Scripture and voilà! you are perfectly satisfied with yourself. [/] This is political cant very thinly veiled as morality.}}

At least you have not charged me with racism.

Actually the moral position that I enunciated is one that I have held for decades.

When then Senator Bob Kerry ran for president one of the difficulties was reports of his leadership of a special forces raid in Viet Nam. It was reported that he and his subordinates murdered all humans in the vicinity including a baby in order to preserve their own safety.

In war, the question is one of operational necessity.

In a covert, behind enemy lines, raid, the deliberate killing of all witnesses, including babies who make noises and attract the attention of enemy patrols, may be necessary.

Submarine warfare was nasty because it was impossible to take prisoners. So shipfulls of non-combatants drowned.

But when killing is not necessary to achieve national goals, it is murder, pure and simple.

And when killing is counter-productive to the achievement of major national goals in a war, it is akin to treason.

This has long been my considered opinion. Amply supported by the history and philosophy and law of war.

“There may be some boys here who think that war is all glory. But, boys, it is all hell.” – General Sherman

Actually I avoided the incapacity for the office that our president seems to have otherwise displayed in his participation in the one major event in his presidency that everyone seems to (wrongly) applaud.

Our president was not all that personally responsible for the immoral killing because the planning and execution were largely the product of the adults in the administration who most probably mainly wanted to avoid the debacle of letting bin Laden get away as the prior Democrat president had done, twice.

The general policy of the lefties to avoid exposing the evils of Islam and its frequent horrific fruits, such as religiously sanctioned terrorism and religiously sanctioned targeted killing, led to the immoral kill order.

And the loss of the golden opportunity to bring the chief mass murderer to public trial in the three state jurisdictions in which the mass murders were committed.

The reported photo-shopping of situation room photos appears to demonstrate the embarrassment of the administration over our president’s non-involvement in the raid that killed bin Laden.

A report at the time was quite believable although without identified sources and not repeated elsewhere. The competent machinations of Arkansas and Chicago political machine trained high officials circumvented the known anti-war and anti-anti-Islam obstinacy of the first couple’s chief mentor in order to achieve presidential consent without alerting said chief mentor as to what was going on.

Our preposterous and undocumented president makes an easy target.

Except for fear of what others may think and may do in retaliation. And also for some a misplaced sense of patriotism and national embarrassment. And, for others, a blind loyalty to the Democrat Party and/or Karl Marx.

But I did not mention these things in .1 above because I wanted to focus on an important moral position that I have held for decades.

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