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Free all the thought criminals!

May 27, 2012

Free all the thought criminals! From a forum post:

{{It depends what you are being intolerant of.}}

That is one big factor, certainly, and an important one.

The effects in a given person of learned aversion (or attraction) to characteristics in other persons are complex. The shaping of his attitude and actions toward another given person or class of persons is a matter of individual conscience.

Those rules that are suitable for human governmental jurisdiction (or social concern) are those that are simple and realistic so that the crossing of the bounds into offense is verifiable beyond reasonable doubt.

The absurd house of cards built by leftie elite pseudo-idealists is designed not to dispense justice, but to enable the increasing dependence and enslavement of a once free and constitutionally sovereign People.

Guilt or innocence is increasingly judged in the courts of leftie elite “journalists” and chief prosecutors.

Like the Inner Party of Oceana they firmly believe in thought crime, the imaginary source of any opposition to the edicts of leftie elites and to control by leftie government.

Only our leftie educational, media, governmental, and religious elites are deemed to know what is best for each of us.

Only they are thought to have the infallible insight and imagination to faultlessly apply their deliberately fuzzy rules to concrete situations involving real people.

Not justice, but tyranny is served by complex rules thought to effect all instances of often imagined inordinate prejudice, offenses imagined to result from imagined inordinate prejudice, or the absurd imagined offense of hate imagined to be based on imagined inordinate prejudice.

Until the day when all the books are opened, it is best to rely on the free interactions of free men and free associations of free men in a free society. And government locally centered. beginning with families as the source of a sovereign People learning proper conduct and distributed among geographic levels and functional branches and at middle levels restricted from activities outside of punishing evil and rewarding good and at the federal level focused on protection of the Nation from real and foreign, not imagined, enemies.

Those who truly apply our national motto “In God we trust.”, ought to know these things, but, more importantly, ought to, through the everlasting good news, come to know in the heart with full assurance that God works in all things for the benefit of them that love God, they that are the called according to His purpose.

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