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Christian forum bothersome posters

May 26, 2012

Christian forum bothersome posters

{{_ Faith and being born again are essential scriptural concepts and should be held high by all of God’s children.}}

The specific teachings of our friends which seem to be definitely wrong are (1) denial of the presence of demons in the present age and (2) a very definite promotion of works righteousness.

{{_ Anyone rejection these essential concepts need full rebuke.}}

Words such “rebuke” and “censure” are not just strong forms of “criticize”. They imply having the authority over another in order to make such a definite public judgment about the moral wrongness of his behavior.

The Senate and the House have authority to censure their respective members. But they do not have the authority to censure the president (or other executive and judicial officers). Except after impeachment and conviction.

Similiarly no rebuke of a member of the sovereign People by governmental officer should be tolerated except by a judge after criminal conviction or other constitutional exception established by law or custom.

Parents have authority to rebuke their children, but not normally other people’s children.

Free associations of free people, including local churches or assemblies, have the authority to rebuke members in accordance with their established rules and traditions, as accepted by members when they join.

Christian begotten-again believers have, like Paul, the authority, when so led by the indwelling Holy Spirit, to rebuke demons. It may be the one situation in the post-apostolic church age when the believer experiences being full of the Spirit. It is the greater Spirit within in these situations that is exceedingly frightening to the demon.

But I do not believe that we are called upon to individually rebuke the demon possessed or the suspected demon possessed. or the poorly instructed believer, either begotten again or properly nominal or cultish.

Special tenderness, gentleness, and courtesy should be extended when possible to these instruction limited and/or demon deceived individuals.

But there is a limit to our ability to instruct and correct such individuals. And we may be directed by common sense and the spirit of that life which is in Christ Jesus to spend our time and energy in more potentially fruitful pursuits.

Stopping and spending an hour or two studying their posts and meditating and praying about such individuals may be more productive than carefully composed responses to their frustrating and bothersome posts over months and years.

The time comes when posts should mostly not be responded to. Optimally after they deny the validity of your witness. Silence speaks louder than words in such situations. Particularly when the hearer has declared his unwillingness to truly listen and consider.

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