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Stamp out race hustling promptly

May 25, 2012


[Usual race hate suspects.] “Speaking to Sharpton’s Group, Obama Emphasizes Principles” – NY Times | [Blind leading the blind where principles are concerned.]

There were never two fact based sides to this story. [Virtual lynching of George Zimmerman.]The mythical nature of the politically correct doctrine of present gross terrorization of blacks by whites in our nation has long been apparent to everyone with a brain.

The usual suspects, race hustlers Sharpton, Jackson, and our president, together with the liberal bubble dwelling mass media, spun away with their usual abandonment of any reliance on truth. They displayed their usual detachment from justice or moderation or prudence or courage or any other vitue.

The major facts were apparent before the puffed up national fuss and fury. And have been readily available to anyone with the normal human discernment to sparate fact from fiction. (Many local leaders were rather obviously aware of the truth, but fear of the race hustling government-media-education-criminal complex kept them quiet.)

The decline of virtue has been illustrated by the lack of vigorous couter-attack against the egregious lies and spin of the attackers.

There was no need to wait for all the facts whan all the available facts were on one side and were egregious ignored in favor of lies and spin and leftie myth by the usual suspects.

When will we learn to strike when the iron is hot and therefore malleable and not a rigid fully formed uncontraticted “truth” in many memories?

All that is often required for evil to triumph is for the honest to be silent.

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In response to: {{_ This does not surprise me. Most people judge by appearance, not facts. News media cannot be trusted either. That is why I am suspicious until I find both sides of the story.}}

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