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Operational necessity of killing innocents

May 25, 2012

Operational necessity of killing innocents

{{_ Ah, I thought you were suggesting killing OBL was immoral. [/] No, you weren’t.}}

The general immorality of killing when capture is practical is one of my points – the great superiority of SEAL team capture to the folly of large SEAL team killing.

{{_ You clearly had no heartache about killing him; it was the method you were arguing about.}}

This is a separable second point. The avoidance of risk and expense by drone strike.

Killing, sometimes of bystanders including infants, is moral in warfare when it is an operational necessity.

Early twentieth century submarine warfare was nasty. But the drowning of crews and passengers was an operational necessity. Submarines have no space for prisoners.

Special forces raids may include the deliberate killing of all those in the vicinity, including infants, who might give the alarm or disclose sensitive operational details.

The forces of the federal government in the Mount Carmel, Waco, Texas, debacle improperly followed special forces doctrine in their disregard of the lives of innocents and subsequent destruction of the crime scene. (The myth of the feds being here to help had to be maintained.)

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