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Happiest Baby relieves household stress

May 24, 2012

Having the Happiest Baby On the Block relieves household stress

Over the years I have found many fine reputable resources for relief from baby caused stress.

Happiest Baby on the Block, by Dr. Harvey Karp

Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby FaceBook announcement of his Great Sleep for Babies book has pushed my troubled conscience to the breaking point.

For too long, I have refrained from giving links to great sources of instruction for easily maximizing happiness for babies and their households.

I have long known that being uncontaminated by experience enables a cool and collected assessment and analysis of solutions to the problems of marriage and family.

But I have also realized that semi-successful experience in these areas generally renders people impervious to advice from those without personal experience, semi-successful or otherwise.

So here in this post and two coming “babies” tagged posts are links to carefully studied and chosen great gurus in this area.

Later, God willing, I shall post my commentaries on appropriate New Testament passages. (Clergy with families and/or substantial confessional/counseling experience are particularly vulnerable to contamination from their specific and professionaly specialized experiences.)

Dr. Karp seems to give advice that is strongly supported by information I have picked up from good sources over the years. His long experience at a center of internet communication with parents and professionals has most probably enabled many refinements and additions to his arsenal of Happy Baby techniques. […] “Ahhh…sleep! What parent doesn’t need a little extra snooze time? But, most parents make their homes so quiet… it actually ruins their baby’s sleep! Did you know that the sound your baby heard inside you was louder than a vacuum…24/7. That’s why using a rough, whooshy sound can flip on the calming reflex…and immediately boost your baby’s sleep…”

Dr. Karp lecture notes: The Happiest Baby | Colic Baby Solution – The Happiest Baby On The Block / “The 6th S – Sleep / All babies fall asleep nursing…it’s normal! After ~3w/o…after baby falls asleep in your arms/at breast, wake her up a tiny bit when you put her down to sleep / The 6th S – Sleep / Back to sleep Adding swaddle + strong white noise usually leads to 1-2 hours ↑ sleep/night / The 5 S’s are not just “old info” / Promote paramount importance of the 4th trimester Discovery of the calming reflex (CR# Clarify need to do 5 S’s: / exactly right #Karp J Peds 2007# with just enough vigor in combo #some respond best to a specific S, others need multiple S’s simultaneously – Brackbill, Brazelton) / Takes vigor to turn on the CR, and continued mild stimulation to keep it on”

The Happiest Baby on the Block – Richard & Judy – YouTube “Dr. Harvey Karp shows Richard & Judy how to calm crying babies.”

Harvey Karp – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “[…] Karp’s technique The technique is designed to recreate the essential elements of the experience of living in the womb. Human babies, according to Karp, are born less-developed than other mammals. The first three months of life Karp calls the “fourth trimester”. Karp believes there is a “calming reflex” that causes babies to instantly relax when they are given clues that they are safe inside the womb. There are five parts of the technique he calls the “five S’s”. Swaddling: Tight swaddling recreates the confinement of the womb. Side/Stomach position: Holding the baby on the right side slightly face down. Shushing: Karp uses a loud “ssh” sound similar to the loud white noise that is present in the womb. Swinging (and jiggling): Gentle but constant jiggling (especially of the head) is intended to remind babies of the constant motion they experienced in the womb. Sucking: Karp also recommends the use of pacifiers.” The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years (9780062113313): Harvey Karp: Books “Publication Date: June 12, 2012 Dr. Harvey Karp is famous for his brilliant insights into centuries-old parenting problems and for discovering breakthrough solutions that are simple . . . practical . . . and fast working. In The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, he works his magic once again on the #1 complaint of new parents. The bone-deep fatigue that parents experience when their children sleep poorly is not just a nuisance—it is very serious. Sleep deprivation can provoke depression, illness, marital conflict, and even obesity. A flood of sleep misinformation and contradictory messages have left parents more confused than ever: “Hold your baby—but don’t spoil her!” “Swaddle your baby—but don’t let him get dependent on it!” Based on Dr. Karp’s thirty years as a pediatrician and child developmentalist, The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep reveals groundbreaking new ideas to prevent or cure most sleep problems in children under five years old, including: ”

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