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O’s rotten Osama decision

May 23, 2012

Our president’s rotten decision to kill Osama bin Laden in large SEAL raid.

Public trials of the chief murderer in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvannia might have helped the peoples of the world to remember.

(I have waited in vain for over a year to discover any internet opinion that points to obvious rotteness of the choice of the worst of three options before publishing my own modest, because obvious, analysis.)

There were two much better options.

1. A drone strike. The result would be unknown for a while. But this would have put the responsibility on the Pakistan government to come up with a cover story that would have minimized the public split over our joint aims. We could come up with a cover story to match. Intelligence only of major enemy. Hit the wrong house. Etc. Even if bin Laden were not killed, he would have to move and our enemies would be discomforted in a major way.  The truth would slowly leak out. Little risk and expense for great advantage.

2. Capture Osama bin Laden. The SEAL team could have easily captured Osama bin Laden if they had been properly and morally instructed. (In both military and police operations killing is immoral when capture is practical.). No one seems to have considered the advantages of putting bin Laden on public trial for murder in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvannia. (The capture and trials of Saddam Hussein and his major minions is instructive.)

The universal and insane praise of our president for the avoidance of much better and much more moral options is a sure sign of the intellectual and moral decline of our culture.

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