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More on Caiaphas tearing clothes

May 22, 2012

More on Caiaphas tearing clothes. From a forum post:

{{_ then comes most likely to tear his clothes the man that purchased his [/] clothes with money stolen from the tithe offering [/] so it is of little shew to the wise but the foolish are much impressed}}

What have the women bishops in the episcopal church [USA] achieved? [A fashion statement, at least. The Presiding Bishop of the denomination at left is an experienced scientist, having spent twenty years studying marine invertabrates.

___ Thanks for reminding me of some who seem to me to be leading their denomination on the road to more and more immorality and apostasy.

___ When it comes to the waste of the people’s money, some church leaders seem to be following the example of our political leaders.

___ Actually, of course, it is God’s money in both cases. He has placed both civil and church officers in their positions providentially and they are responsible before God to carry out the responsibilities of those offices as His servants and His stewards over the resources He has provided.

___ But I think that the practice related at the top of the thread may be a valid expense. Although the practice described is traditional, it would appear to be based on biblical principle. And if the practice is actually referred to in the New Testament rather than the tearing of personal or priestly attire, the practice seems to have God’s affirmation of its propriety.

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