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Demons and the Begotten Again Christian

May 22, 2012

Demons and the Begotten Again Christian. From a forum post:

{{_ you imagine demons exist [/] you can only by the willing spirit in your heart be given by such in the earning of charity […] [/] it is prevented by THEFATHER that any wheat should ever believe in demons [/] demons are selfish}}

___ I worry about those who deny the existance of demons. Scripture is very clear about their existance and their works. In our age and where the Gospel is known, demons are naturally adverse to disclosing their presence.

___ Absolutely denying the existance of demons while confessing belief in other spiritual entities may well be an evidence of the inordinate influence of demons in ones life.

___ The evidence of demons in the present age is naturally annecdotal. The most convincing evidence comes from the experiences of those who take the Gospel to people who have no prior knowledge of it. These people have been largely at the mercy of the spiritual forces of darkness.

Hostage to the Devil. Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans. By Malachi Martin.

___ Other convincing evidence comes from nominal Christian environments where few are born again. When a exorcism is sucessfull it may well be due to the silent prayer of a born again Christian in the humble possition of an assistant to the official exorcist.

___ Then there are the experiences of myself and some of my Christian friends. These are best explained by the presence of demons. Demons who behave according to New Testament teaching as to how they should behave in the presence of born again Christian believers. The demons are not to be feared by the believer. They are afraid of the born again Chistian as they were afraid of Paul in Acts.

{{_ believe in THeLORd1JESUs [/] to believe means having JESUsclassmiracles [/] within the hour of your prayer [/] st john 14:12}}

___ It worries me that you may believe that miracles are produced by the work of a disciplined regular hour of prayer.

___ This notion is more demonic than biblical.

___ I have commented more extensively on the notion at .5 above.

{{_ i am nothing0}}

___ This statement is also worrisome. All men are created in the image of God. All men living presently live and move and have their being in God. All properly nominal Christians are members of the Body of Christ. All living born again Christians reign in life. Their bodies are, through the compassions of God, made part of a living, holy, and acceptable sacrifice. Whenever and however Christ is manifested to them they are glorified and become like Him.

{{_ love you}}

___ No problem with this. God’s love reaches us primarily through neighbors and self. Both are made in the image of God. And the defects of both are used to accomplish His purpose. (His pupose is always for the good of them that love Him, the called according to that purpose.) Therefore, both neighbor and self ought to be loved as channels of His blessings. And God ought to be loved as the Source of all blessing.

___ The proper active love, providing for self and neighbor, is not as all encompassing. It is directed by His instruction. Instruction through scripture, through His Spirit, through reason, through providential circumstance.

___ For the born again, walking in the new righteous begotten again spirit, that spirit organizes and perfects this instruction.

(1Jo 5:3-4 NKJ) For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. 4 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world– our faith.

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