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O’s identity camoflage crisis, actually

May 21, 2012

Our president’s identity camoflage crisis, actually.

Europe Trip: Obama to Visit Berlin on July 24 2008 (as envisioned by artist in Oregon newspaper)

Resolved by putting on the long white robe of post-evils-of-yesteryear bunkum.

Unforced actions and unscripted words illuminate the unchanged spots underneath.

The long shadow of Barack Obama’s identity crisis | Power Line “The case can also be made, and has been by Stanley Kurtz, that Obama has resolved these issues in favor of a radicalism that, though less virulent than that of Rev. Wright, Frank Davis (the Communist who mentored Obama in Hawaii), and Bill Ayers, is ambivalent at best about America and what it has stood for. That’s very scary. But I’m hard-pressed to see a plausible case that Obama has resolved his identity issues by fully discarding the radical belief systems to which he was drawn both as a teenager and a mature adult. If he has genuinely done so, when did he do it and what prompted the change? His candidacy for high political office likely would have prompted only steps to conceal his ideology. His ascension to the presidency would have imposed constraints on his ability to act, but not necessarily any change in his underlying beliefs. ”

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