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Senior sleepwalker marches on!

May 20, 2012

Nan Wigmore, 75, brought a walker and a sign to Chicago to protest at the NATO summit.

Senior sleepwalker marches on!Occupy crazies lead older generations astray.

U.S. News – Great-grandma: Ready to ‘lose’ my life protesting “After one man told her she was “amazing” and a “force to be reckoned with,” she later said: “I’m a woman walking with a sign, period … I’m following the heroics, the courage of generations back really, you know, we’re just continuing what was going on.”Wigmore, who was an anti-nuclear activist, said she got involved in the Occupy movement as it picked up steam back home.A great-grandmother to “less than 15,” grandmother to 12 and mother of five, she said her youngest child called her “hero” but there were others in her family who had differing points of view.”

Full disclosure: 1. I served with NATO in the cold war, in the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranea, receiving the European Occupation medal. 2. My father and his second wife worried their friend, the Easton, Penna., police chief, when they showed up for an anti-draft march in their (and the century’s) sixties. The march was properly pacifist behaviorwise. Dad was covinced of Quaker principles, the unfairness of the draft, and the horrific safety problems of nuclear devices.

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