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Federalism means Fed-free vending machines!

May 19, 2012

The proper federalism envisioned by the founders and enshrined in our Constitution ought to guarantee Fed-free vending machines in our schools!

Undocumented Fed plan to train goats to deprive students of sugan and caffein boost needed to stay awake in class.

Return control of our public school soda pop machines to the local school board and the school janitorial staff where it belongs!

Utah School Fined $15,862 for Accidentally Selling Soda at Lunch – Hit & Run :

In order to remain eligible for federal subsidies for school lunches, officials at Davis High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, knew they weren’t allowed to have active vending machines selling soda and candy in the school lunchroom during the 47-minute lunch period.

But rules designed to keep kids from washing down their lunches with something fizzy can be tricky.

That lesson was driven home when the state Office of Education’s Child Nutrition Program hit the school with a $15,862 fine—75 cents per violation over the period of many months.

[I]t turns out students had been illicitly [buying] soda [from] the school store [vending machine during lunch hour, a federal offense.]” [My paragraphing and emphasis.]

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