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Internet reputation safety tips

May 13, 2012

Keep your reputation safe from internet grubs.

Simple cost effective things to do to subordinate internet insults on Google search and avoid difficulties.

It will also have the advantage of establishing a reputation as a cutting edge high tech computer literate person.

Caution sign in the internet jungle

PJ Lifestyle » 3 Rules for Handling the Online Trolls, Bullies, and Crackpots ” The internet is swamped with angry, stupid weirdos. Learn to neutralize them and get your life back.”

[…] #1 – Get Control of Yourself.

All those insults may not bother you, but what if a potential friend or employer googles your name and gets all these results calling you a “racist homophobic scumbag”?

(Welcome to my world — and Rick Santorum‘s.)

To see yourself as others see you online, you have to turn your computer into a total stranger’s, temporarily:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you are signed out of Google.
  3. Clear your browser history
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Optional: Use a service like HideMyIP to “move” your computer to a whole other state
  6. Type in your FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME — without quotation marks

The results resemble what a total stranger will see when they google you.

If you cringe, here’s the good news: with effort and patience, you can regain some control of Google search engine results pages (or SERPs).

Ninety percent of searchers don’t look past Google’s page one SERPs, which means you need to own the top ten results.

Obviously, Google loves Google, so complete your profiles on Google+, Google Places, and whatever else they come up with next week.

Buy your for a minimum three-year term, spring for auto-renewal, then use it, either as your blog or your resume/portfolio.

Big time sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Wikipedia, FourSquare, and LinkedIn have high Google page ranks — that’s eight of ten sites right there! — so get FIRSTNAME + LASTNAME accounts/profiles with each one.

(Anyone can become a Wikipedia editor, by the way, so do so and monitor your entry. Either keep it pristine or do what one of my “controversial” blogger friends did: purposely sabotage the thing. So along with other people’s “K. is a member of the Nazi Party,” readers encounter her own equally absurd edits [“K. bites the heads off whippets.”] Visitors conclude the entire thing is crap and ignore it.)

Be sure your Facebook is, and that your LikedIn profile is Google friendly and 100% complete.

Lesser-known but still high-ranking sites let you create profiles there, too.

And stay on top of ever-changing Google algorithm and online reputation best practices by reading legitimate sources like SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineLand, and Mashable.

By owning and maintaining all these online properties, you can eventually shove the nasty third-party gossip and slander down to page two and beyond, where few searchers venture anyhow.

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