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Suiciders regularly dissed by NY Times

May 5, 2012

Suiciders and other terrorists regularly dissed by NY Times and other elite US media.

Galahad, Bors, and Percival achieve the Grail. Tapestry woven by Morris & Co.. Wool and silk on cotton warp, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

They are not motivated by poverty and desparation.

To suggest this is to disrespect them and their personal religious beliefs.

They are motivated by their belief in Allah in order to reach the highest level of his paradise.

They are the Islamic equivalent of the Knights of the Holy Grail, Sir Galahad amd Sir Percival of Christian legend.

And our media elites disparage them and their motivation by depicting them as severly impoverished and desparate.

Young suicider volunteer on parade in Palestinian territory. Not as impoverished or desparate looking as our elites would have us believe. More like Christian kids carrying palms on Palm Sunday. But naturally more serious.

Airing controversy – JPost – In Jerusalem – Features “Those beliefs were affirmed when Klein, just a 21-year-old student, took a potentially major risk and spent a weekend with the al-Qaida affiliated al-Muhajiroun terror organization in London while researching for an article. Klein, who was only somewhat nervous in the presence of Islamic terrorists, was “stunned” by how open the group was in expressing its true agenda: the destruction of the United States and England. He says that “they were so boastful of their goals, and even though they knew I was a Jew and the editor of the YU paper, they were thrilled I would share their motivation with the general public.”Klein says he discovered from the terrorists during that unforgettable experience that it is in fact infuriating to them when “The New York Times [and other mainstream media outlets] describes a [Muslim] suicide bomber as being poor, or desperate, or acting as a result of [Israel’s] occupation. They want everyone to know they are driven [to attack] by Allah, in order to reach [what they believe] is the highest level of his paradise.””

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