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Belated vetting of O marches on

May 5, 2012

Belated vetting of our president marches on. In fragments. Here and there. Facts evident to the wise in January 2008, if not earlier, are coming to light.

Will our willfully deaf, blind, and dumb elite media continue to effectively extend the ignorance of the Sovereign People? Ignorance of the reality of our president’s history and character and capacities.


Wise behavior in ancient oriental empires. Not always appropriate for a free press. Even when it concerns a supposed member of a supposedly unfairly oppressed minority.

If our nation lasts a thousand years, men will look back and say, “This was their stupidest hour.”

Articles: America’s Historic Cokehead President “While they’re at it, those scholars might take a crack at explaining how such a nation could have elected a president who has been described by a Ph.D. who knew him in his historic university days as a committed Marxist-Leninist; a president who explained his historic choice to work as a community organizer in Chicago as a search for “what the possibilities were for progressive politics in the black community”; a president whose academic records have remained historically sealed; a president who, as a state senator, publicly criticized the U.S. Constitution as ignoring “issues of redistribution of wealth, and … economic justice,” bemoaned the Warren Court’s lack of radicalism, and criticized the civil rights movement for neglecting “the activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which to bring about redistributive change”; and a president who has historically strolled blithely through all of these revelations without serious media questioning in the country that entrenched freedom of the press in the first entry of its Bill of Rights. However they explain these things, there is no doubt that those future historians will regard their collective effect as historic — whether as the final slap in the face that revived a great nation, or as a perfect symbol of the irreparable moral deterioration of a once-noble civilization, it’s still too early

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