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“God for Elizabeth, England and St George!”

April 25, 2012

“God for Elizabeth, England and St George!”

Happy St. George’s Day.

George, a soldier saint and martyr, patron of England and other nations, cities, and groups.

In addition to loyalty to the co-sovereign People of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave and the co-sovereign peoples of the several states.

It is right that we should should honor the sovereigns, lands, and patrons of the nations of our several forebeares.

And particularly to that nation which has been the primary source of our shared culture, laws, and religion.

The esteemed blogger who channels the spirit of one of the great heros of our culture, proclaims the Day honoring his national patron in the year of the jubilee of his sovereign.

Cranmer: England’s National Day “As far as His Grace is concerned, St George’s Day should be a national holiday in honour of all that England has bequeathed to the world (including Shakespeare, whose birthday [and death-day] is also remembered [at least in Stratford-upon-Avon]). And while His Grace is in a patriotic mood, he wishes it to be known that all public buildings ought to display prominently and permanently a portrait of Her Majesty. All schools, hospitals and town halls ought to make a very public display of affection for and allegiance to the Sovereign Head of State, especially in her Jubilee year. Civic pride must be restored: ‘citizenship’ must be supplanted by an appreciation of such notions as loyalty, allegiance and respect for liberty and the traditions of liberal democracy. In addition, the BBC, as the State broadcaster, financed by a compulsory tithe of Her Majesty’s subjects, ought to reinstate the daily rendition of the National Anthem.

Let us declare a national holy-day and thank God for this sceptr’d isle – its past, its present, and the glorious future that awaits it under God’s good providence. Let us celebrate England’s great constitutional statutes: Magna Carta 1215, the Petition of Right 1628, the Bill of Rights 1689, and the Act of Settlement 1701. Let us wear red roses, and proudly display our crosses. St George is a fitting symbol for for the freedom – including religious freedom – for which England has stood since pre-Reformation times. And, lest we forget, many in the world are still paying for their witness to the gospel with torture and death, and by their witness others are being saved daily. So, as we celebrate St George, let us pray for the unsung saints who are still giving their all for Christ, and for the ultimate victory of the gospel of salvation for all people humility, truth and grace.

Cry “God for Elizabeth, England and St George!”


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