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Hate George Zimmerman nightmare

April 19, 2012

Hate George Zimmerman nightmare sponsored by our president and the usual suspects.

Usual suspects: US Attorney General Holder, MSNBC commentator Rev. Sharpton

Article at link pointing out what our president ought to do is, in my view, pointless rhetoric.

Ordinary sense of American or even human morality seems to have been trained out of our president by his lifelong exposure to various disreputable mentors.

And the title at the link is wrong. George Zimmerman is having the nightmares.

The importance of Trayvon Martin is that he was made in the image of God. And the purposeful destruction of that image without legitimate need is blasphemous and ought to be punished with death.

But even in the case of the woman taken in adultery, proper procedure in a capital case ought to be followed.

But the article at the link is written by someone who knows the facts and has had petinent experience.

The American Spectator : The Trayvon Martin Nightmare

“Thus, there is tragedy and heartbreak all around us now.

Our president should take the lead to defuse the mob mentality roiling our society.

He should disarm and prosecute the Black Panthers.

If nothing else, he must launch massive efforts to curb black crime, whether involving black victims or victims of other races.

He must see to it that George Zimmerman and his family are provided with police or military protection.

And of course it might be a nice idea if he called the parents of Cooper and Kouzaris and expressed his condolences for their tragic losses in our country.

If our president cannot accomplish these civilized actions, he has finally and fully forfeited the trust of those who voted for him.”

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