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Race Hate Inc marches on

April 14, 2012

Race Hate Inc education-media-government-activist-hustler-religious complex marches on.

The emptiness of the probable cause document proffered by the prosecutor and accepted by the judge reflects the general lack of fact and reason of the Hate George Zimmerman campaign.


Usual suspects have done their part. US Attorney General Holder. MSNBC Commentator, Rev. Sharpton.

And the effectiveness of their rabble rousing lies.

Martin Case Affidavit – By Andrew C. McCarthy – The Corner – National Review Online

“If I were a cynic, I’d say that an ambitious special prosecutor — exploiting the rabble-rousing of the U.S. attorney general and the racial grievance industry — filed an exceedingly serious charge for which she lacks evidence, second degree murder, in order to bask in the mob’s adulation while pressuring Zimmerman to plead guilty to a lesser charge, manslaughter, on which the special prosecutor runs a high risk of losing if Zimmerman forces a trial.

So I’m sure glad I’m not a cynic.  ”

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