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O fraud finders pile on

April 12, 2012

Our fraudulantly documented president’s obviously forged birth certificate is attracting the piling on of multiple fraud finders.

Feel free to join in.

Do it yourself fraud finding instructions available for all.

The smart money is on Zanzibar.

Articles: Do-It-Yourself Proof of the Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

“If you think that the reason why there are two different typewriter typefaces in the document is because two typewriters were used in its preparation, the second typewriter being used because the first broke down — forget it. …

First, three different typewriter typefaces (and likely more) appear in the document.

Second, remember that the proof of forgery in Figure F is not a unique proof [of forgery.] …

Researchers have conclusively demonstrated that the “birth certificate” is fake in many different ways, and that it was digitally constructed.

[The above proof] is simply an additional proof of forgery that more people are able to understand because it requires very little technical expertise to comprehend it.

Of course, none of the above has anything to do with where Mr. Obama was born,

[B]ut it all has everything to do with a forged document released by the White House.

I think this is pretty relevant, when such a document is required during the nomination process for the election of the president of the United States, to verify that the qualifications of the candidates comply with the requirements of the law.

N.B. There is no legal requirement for such a document.

It was voluntarily produced to cover up our president’s obvious lack of proven qualification for the office he holds.

Congress and the legislatures of the several states did not pass any laws to require that candidates produce evidence of their qualification.

None of them were listening when H. L. Menken observed that no one ever went broke by undestimating the intelligence of the American public.

If I have a doubt, it is the following: will the non-technical people in the media understand, or accept, this simple demonstration?”

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