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Morally wrong government activity: Charity

April 7, 2012

Morally wrong government activity: Charity.

Leading practitioners of government charity

The evil fruits of government redistribution of wealth are obvious to those who are not willfully blind.

From a forum post:

{{_ “It is the scope of government activity that I find both contrary to biblical, Christian and Constitutional priciple and to historical utility.”
{{_ Interesting statement. Please expound on this and give a couple of examples.}}


Clearly reserved to individuals and free associations of individuals.

It is the responsibility of those in authority, in our case, a sovereign People, and their elected and appointed servants to punish evil and reward good.

Those in authority are to avoid redistribution of wealth to meet common human neediness.

The men who wrote the Constitution understood this.

Most of what our government is doing is morally wrong. It is theft.

Robin Hood “nobly” motivated perhaps, but still theft.

And it gives growth to all sorts of moral and/or legal offenses.

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