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Caiaphas tearing clothes: Declaration of judgment?

April 6, 2012

Caiaphas tearing clothes: Declaration of judgment?

Jesus before Caiaphas

An interpretation I had not heard before.

Makes more sense than usual mental picture.

The American Spectator : Hold the Hallelujahs

“One, when the high priest Caiaphas declared Jesus a blasphemer, he tore his clothes.

A lot of people in the Bible tear their clothes, so it’s easy to miss this one.

The “clothes” torn here were likely instead a single garment held out in front of him, rent from top to bottom.

He was judging the defendant guilty and inviting all of the other jurists to stop disputing and render their own verdicts.

That image helps to sharpen another image that Gospels relate to us after Jesus’ death.

The temple’s veil is torn from top to bottom by an invisible hand.

This is the beginning of their verdict being overturned by what you might call a higher court.”

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