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Rush hits Hate Zimmerman media, NBC, ABC, CNN

April 5, 2012

Inspired by CNN ABC CBS NBC malicious slander as amplified by our president and other Race Hate hustlers.

Rush hits Hate Zimmerman media, NBC, ABC, CNN.

And concludes that the only evidence of old fashioned hatred of blacks by whites was fabricated by the egregiously biased, reckless, slandeous, mass media.

I missed CNN obvious Hate George Zimmerman Race Hate Inc. prevarication.

But I have prior posts on NBC, ABC, – and CBS prevarication.

CBS, unlike the others, has not apologized for egregious slanderous misleading misapplication of reported evidences.

CBS merely misapplied logic to stand the obvious result of unbiased logic on its head.

The others obviously interpreted and tampered with video and audio tape to hide what was visible or said and to hear something no unbiased person would hear.

ABC still has not admitted  a reported obscuring of George Zimmerman’s wounds by superimposed caption.

CNN race hate people seem to have heard extreme racist terms on George Zimmerman’s 911 tape that no one else could hear.

Apologies are to viewers and for normal lapses in proper journalistic procedure.

None have apologized to George Zimmerman for obviously deliberate slander and hate.

None have apologized to the American sovereign People for following our president’s race hate lead and misleading a sovereign People.

More than a full time job to correct the egregious obviously deliberate falsifications of the Hate George Zimmerman campaign led by our president and the other usual suspects.

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