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My recent over-excitement

April 5, 2012

My recent over-excitement. From a forum post.

George Zimmerman, this season's target of media lies and race hustler ginned up hate.

It is not the media hype that is the problem.It is the media slander that is the problem.

If the media can stir up hate against George Zimmerman on the basis of deliberate and/or egregiously negligent biased and slanderous modification and/or misrepresentation of video and audio evidence .

And if our president and others will declare the existence of white against black hate in the situation on the basis of such obviously fake and faulty evidence.

And if almost all are following the lead of our president and our media in their opinions about the event.

And if only a few are paying attention to the seven 911 tapes, eye and ear witness statements and police reports which show no basis for charging Zimmerman.

If some churches have joined the virtual lynch mob on a week when we remember religious leaders orgainizing a similar mob

It is not just my sensitivity to tree pollen that gets me a bit over-excited these days.

But CNN, ABC, & NBC have apologized for the false reports they have foisted on the public. So there is no semblance of evidence of old fashioned white on black race hate.

Only evidence of our very active race hustler industry.

But that will be forgotten by many.

The lies will be remembered as truth by too many.

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