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First priority of the free: Defeat O

April 5, 2012

Cover: "Trickle Down Tyranny - Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America" by Michael Savage

The first priority of free Americans: Defeat our president’s re-election bid.

When we put first things first, second things are not diminished but enhanced. – C. S. Lewis

Top selling author puts first things first in new book. –  Trickle Down Tyranny:

[American Thinker] Articles: Savage New Territory: Trickle Down Tyranny

“Dr. Savage attains full momentum in Trickle Down Tyranny.

 The book is impeccably researched.  It is written in a straightforward and accessible manner.

The book hits the reader like a head on collision with a freight train of facts.

Having followed Savage’s career (as a writer and broadcaster) for about ten years, the question for me as reviewer was: What has driven Michael Savage to write the best, the most accessible, and the most powerful book in his life — now? 

The first clue was in the opening pages of the book. Savage is convinced that “we will very likely not survive as a free nation after four more years of Obama’s rule.” (Page 3.)[i]

His solution is surprisingly pragmatic:  “We need to nominate and support the most electable Republican in the field, because an Obama victory in 2012 would doom this country.” (Ibid.)

Trickle Down Tyranny is an indictment of Barack Obama, his crony capitalist enablers, and the cadre of confused leftists still clinging to an empty promise of hope and change.

Savage shows how Barrack Obama has created a political, cultural, economic, and existential crisis in America.

 Savage explains, with unrelenting precision, the nature of this crisis.” [My emphasis and paragraphing.]

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