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O: Dixiecrat channeling clown?

April 3, 2012


"Say it ain't so, O." (Apologies to Shoeless Joe Jackson.)

Is our president acting like a Dixiecrat channeling clown?

Will the jacka%%ery become total?

“Unprecedential” « Don Surber

“President Obama is attacking the Supreme Court in a desperate attempt to salvage his presidency. The high court cannot defend itself from his pre-emptive strike against what he knows will happen: His chief domestic program is unconstitutional. In attacking the Supreme Court, President Obama is channeling Democratic governors in the past such as Orval Faubus and George Wallace. Maybe he can go total jacka%% and stand in front of the hospital door shouting Obamacare today, Obamacare tomorrow, Obamacare forever.

Hilariously, he is accusing the five Republican-appointed justices of  playing politics. But 2 of them were approved by Democratic Senates,  including Clarence Thomas. And what about the 4 Democrats on the bench — all cleared by Democratic Senates? If they vote to uphold a law that was passed without consultation of Republicans — nary a Republican vote — aren’t they the true political hacks? Look when you have the facts, you argue the facts. When you have the law, you argue the law. President Obama has neither and so President Obama beclowns himself.”

Unelected group of people?

What is he, some back-bencher in Chicago City Council? Is he some ignoramus who has no comprehension of the Constitution and the checks and balances of the three branches of government?

When I think of a group of unelected people who are trying to ruin the nation, I think of EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — all of whom are trying to strip me of my rights.

The Constitution provides for a Supreme Court.

Congress created — and can eliminate — these other offices.

And Congress can remove an egregiously miscreant president from office with deliberate speed.

Democratically elected Congresses allowed separate-but-equal laws to put Rosa Parks and everyone else of color in the back of the bus. A democratically elected Virginia Legislature barred blacks from marrying whites (although curiously, other inter-racial marriages were recognized by Virginia).

46 states banned abortion when an “unelected group of people” ruled on Roe versus Wade.

His is a Bob Byrd rant against the ban on prayer in school.

From Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul: “What was ‘unprecedented’ was the partisan  process President Obama used to shove this unconstitutional bill through  despite the overwhelming objections from Americans across the country. Even if the law is upheld, Governor Romney will begin the process of repealing it on Day One in office.”

He acts unprecedential. [/] Time to make him unpresident. – ibid.

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