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CBS Race Hate slander.

April 2, 2012

CBS Race Hate slander.

The lack of injuries other than the fatal wound on the deceased actually substantiates George Zimmerman’s reported statements.

Zimmerman, substantiated by other evidence, spoke of receiving multiple injuries duing the scuffle.

Zimmerman said nothing about hitting the deceased with either hands, feet, or weapon.

The reported injuries before the shot were obviously all inflicted on George Zimmerman by the deceased.

Yet CBS calls George Zimmerman a liar.

Leftie elite Race Hate Inc. on speed.

Funeral director on Trayvon Martin’s lack of injuries – CBS News Video “Funeral director on Trayvon Martin’s lack of injuries March 29, 2012 6:52 PM

The Florida funeral director who handled the burial of Trayvon Martin says there were no signs of a scuffle on the dead teen, contradicting the story of the man who claimed [Martin was shot]  during a violent scuffle.

Martin died of a gunshot, the only apparent injury says the funeral director.” [My substitution of fact for widespread assumption not supported by reported evidence.]

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