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Race hate goes to church

April 1, 2012

St. James AME Church website. Leaders at St. James AME Church in Newark don hoodies this morning in honor of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen {who died of gunshot during a struggle with} a neighborhood watch captain last month. {...} {My bracketed correction}

The Hate George Zimmerman campaign of the leftie elite Race Hate Inc. education-media-government-activist-hustler-religous complex  goes to church.

For some, Palm Sunday becomes “Trayvon Martin! Hoodie Sunday”.

For some, the late Trayvon Martin is to be honored in a manner similar to the saints and martyrs of the traditional calendars, but without tradition’s careful vetting.

Newark church members wear hoodies on Palm Sunday as sign of solidarity with Trayvon Martin |

Several congregants wore their hoodies up while others sitting in the pews came in regular dress. Slaughter, who wore a white zipped up hoodie sweatshirt over a shirt and tie, and other church leaders behind the pulpit wore hoodies but did not cover their heads.

On Saturday, marches held in Newark and Plainfield drew more than 200 people at each rally as hoodie-wearing demonstrators called for criminal charges to be brought in the death [by gunshot of  Martin, 17, on March 1 in Sanford, Fla., duing a struggle with George Zimmerman, 28.]

The church spread the word on its website and using social media like Facebook and Twitter, urging members to participate in “Hoodie Sunday.”

“We are Trayvon Martin! Hoodie Sunday. Wear your hoodie as a sign of solidarity,” read the St. James AME Church website .

Next to a black and white photo of the Florida teen wearing a light-colored hoodie, the church website quoted Amos 5:24 which read, “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

[N.B. Correction of universally distributed assumptions not sustained by reported evidence has been made in brackets.]

Many seem to prefer leftie elite Race Hate Inc.’s snake oil and swamp water to the waters of justice and righteousness desired by the prophet.

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  1. phil permalink

    and yet another white anti-justice & anti-black website that needs to be shut down. you’re real issues is with the fact that the nation is calling out this injustice while you’d prefer to sweep it under the rug. you can now pull the white hood back down over your ugly face mr. klansman!

    • What facts do you have?

      This is a truth based website.

      What is just about the massive attack on George Zimmerman?

      Or do you believe lies, just because they come from our president, ABC, NBC, & CBS?

  2. phil permalink

    guess you missed the white churches who honored Trayvon Martin by wearing hoodies….but then again it’s easy to target black people because if you posted about white people you’re argument wouldn’t seem valid!,0,

    • Thanks for the links.

      Happy to attack them too.

      Will check out links and post more as seems appropriate.

      This is not a black or white thing.

      This is a virtual lynching thing.

      And a virtual lynching by blacks and whites of an hispanic.

      Called white-hispanic in order to facillitate the virtual lynching.

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