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O’s high speed railroaded trainwreck

March 29, 2012

The Road to Zanzibar. 1941. Happier and safer than our president's planned Road to Dystopia. (The film was probably not an inspiration for a woman's probable trip to Zanzibar twenty years later to give birth to a child that she hoped would become president of an African nation.

Our president’s high speed railroaded Road to Dystopia seems to have crashed into the Constitution, judicial precedent, and common sense.

Et tu, wise latina? Et tu, Washington Post! Then fall, Obamacare?

Obamacare suffers a severability trainwreck at the Supreme Court [by Jennifer Rubin  – Right Turn – The Washington Post

“If yesterday was a surprise to the liberal defenders of Obamacare, today must have been a shocker.

“Judging from today’s oral argument, five Supreme Court justices seem fully prepared to strike down the entire statute if the individual mandate fails.

“In this regard, the justices seem to have largely accepted the argument that I outlined this morning:

“Without the individual mandate to, in essence, herd customers to insurance companies and provide financial support for the other provisions of the law, the goal of universal access would be thwarted.” [My emphasis. Paragraphing modified for sound bite generation.]

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