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Zimmerman not fully prepared

March 27, 2012

National Rifle Association. Personal protection guide. Cover.

Zimmerman not fully prepared.

Poor Zimmerman, one should not carry a gun unless one is fully prepared to use it.

“On NBC’s “Today” show, Oliver said he had spoken with Zimmerman’s mother-in-law, who said Zimmerman was remorseful.

“I learned that he couldn’t stop crying for days after the shooting,” Oliver said.” [My emphasis.]

I am happy that Trayvon Martin’s mother may receive income from the use of her deceased son’s name.

(Otherwise it might go to racist race-huslers such as Jackson, Sharpton, or the New Black Panthers.)

The father of Anne Frank rightly received royalties from one of the last century’s greatest books.

Nothing wrong with a parent receiving income from the unusual circumstances of a child’s death.

Trayvon Martin’s mom files trademark papers  – ibid.

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