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Nerd spots O’s clothing deficiencies

March 25, 2012

Gray pixels in "D" on original document. The remainder of the maiden surname of our president's assumed birth mother in her purported signature on White House certified document seems to have been added later since all the pixels are black. A miniscule part of overwhelming evidence of forgery.

Nerd spots our president’s clothing deficiencies. From a forum post.

{{_ I’m not sure what to think! Actually, I don’t understand what it is attempting to prove. Is it that the president was not born in Hawaii? I can’t imagine anyone claiming to be born in a place and thinking that it could be hidden from the CIA or the FBI or even the reliable media in America and the world. With all of the investigative reporting skills in the world today, who would take such a chance? It makes no sense to me! National Review and Fox would be all over this if it had teeth! }}

Perhaps it is attempting to prove that our president is essentially undocumented.

Somewhat like the proverbial emperor being clothed in rags.

But some children are taking notice. Like the Adobe Illustrator nerd who posted his examination of the obviously faked White House website supposed birth certificate on U-tube. (Among many many signs of obvious tampering, the lack of grey pixels seem to demonstrate superimposed signatures not in the paper document supposedly copied without alteration.) Hat tip: Lucianne – Saturday’s Must Reads.

Those who have gotten to the complicated nitty gritty of the unexplained extra six or so layers of the Illustrator examined White House supposed accurate copy (whose contents have not been affirmed by Hawaii officials) of the official long form seem to fall into several groups.

Obvious spinners and propagandists.

Shallow incurious examiners.

Believers in a clumsy but serious attempt at fraud.

Believers in a contrived clumsiness to distract from more serious issues.

The confused, who refrain from attempting to present a rational reason for an obvious forgery of an important document on the White House web site. Particularly when our president pointed to said document as the ultimate answer to all questions on the subject. “Move on, nothing in the hen house but chickens.”

The forgery of our president’s selective service id is much simpler and much easier to detect. The crude cut and glue of the upside down “08” on an official date stamp can be seen by anyone finding and examining the web images.

The smart money is on Zanzibar.

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