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Racist race-hustlers rampage on

March 24, 2012

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said Friday that he's grateful the rest of the country has sat up and taken notice of the tragic slaying of Trayvon Martin. But he can't help but wonder: Why has it taken so long for everyone else to recognize the chronic injustices that African Americans face?

Racist race-hustlers rampage on. From a forum post.

Very sad situation. [/] But the real scandal is the typical racist rampage of the race-hustlers and their mass media mindless mimics and pussy-foot government enablers.

There was a scuffle, Zimmerman reportedly had an bleeding injuries to nose and to the back of the head. There was a gun discharged.

There is only one living witness to the event. His lawyer reports what are the essential surely known facts. Scuffle and shot fired.

One should take judicial notice of a common color-independent characteristic of the human race. A seventeen year old male is much more prone to risky behavior than an over 25 male. Free market automobile insurance rates are an undeniable indicator of this fact.

Deliberate wrongdoing of any sort seems to be highly unlikely since Zimmerman had already called 911 and police were likely to arrive.

In the circumstances saying “I’ve called 911. The police are on the way” is a much more likely action than deliberate shooting.

Those who live in a community, particularly a gated community, have a duty to know local rules and customs and to make their guests and children aware of them.

The wearing of a hood for no practical purpose other than to conceal ones face or profile or to stick it to whitey or to look like a rap-celebrated hoodlum is to be deplored. Particularly in a gated community, at night, where people may have made clear their intention by paying their hard earned money to live there, and spending some free time on community watch in order to be free of such behavior.

Some educational comments from the community though its appointed watch officer may be a legitimate part of his duty.

A scuffle with an identifiable gated community watch officer is not a legitimate response.

The humdrum normal result of high priced taxpayer paid investigation, trial, etc., will not be worth national worry.

Just as in prior race-hustler extravagandas.

It will be accidental discharge in a scuffle, shooting while dazed by blow on the head, rational self defense, or, very improbably, an isolated event caused by the confluence of unusual circumstances and individuals.

But in the meantime our out-of-control. racist, race-hustling-activist-media-government complex will provide us with imaginary targets for the often-hypocritical righteous wrath of the mis-educated commonality.

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