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Obviously unequal foundations

March 23, 2012

Equating flood plain sand with high ground rock is hate, not love.

Obviously unequal foundations. | General response inspired by  “demonize” and  “look at the big picture” and “Muslims say the same things and who is to say who is right” and similiar all too frequent phrases in forum posts.

Some of us actually believe in demons.

Some of us follow the examples of Jesus and Paul and do not fear demons.

Some of us believe that the prince of this world, the father of lies, is hard at work and is very effective in the godlessness and lawlessness of the present age.

Some of us believe that the worth of ideologies may be evaluated with certainty by the examination of their fruits.

Some of us believe the God who revealed Himself in the Bible.

Some of us believe that those who trust something else are building their homes on flood plain sand.

These are, biblical, historical, and traditional, Christian notions.

What, exactly do you find wrong with them?

What bigger and more accurate picture do you want than the one presented clearly in the Bible?

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