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Rage trumps reason on the Road to Dystopia

March 21, 2012

The happy "Road to Zanzibar" of yesteryear (1941). (Probably not the inspiration of a probable trip there, twenty years later, in order to give birth there to a possible future president of the father's native country.)

Rage trumps reason on the Road to Dystopia. (Sincere apologies to Bing, Dorothy, Bob, and all others involved in the great “Road to ___” films of happy memory.) From a forum post.

{{_ >>> I have claimed nothing about enegy prices in this thread. <<<
{{_ I quote directly from post 1:
{{_ “Decreasing U.S. demand will lower oil prices, but increasing U.S. supply will not? This is ridiculous. Either both do or neither does. Does Obama read his own speeches?”
{{_ Are the rest of your posts as truthful and accurate as the one I am responding to here? Your hatred for Obama shows in every post. Your objectivity is non-existent. It certainly is not Christlike.}}

___ Can you not read?

___ The quote you present is from the linked article. Not from me.

___ The author of the article is indirectly quoting statements from our president’s energy speech. Not giving his opinions.

___ And since the indirectly quoted statements of our president, given in the same speech are self-contradictory, they cannot be the honest, considered opinions of our president either.

___ They are nonsense from nowhere. Or Erehwon, perhaps, an actually dystopian, fanciful utopia.

___ The author points out that our president and/or his staff do not intelligently read what they put in the teleprompter.

___ Your imitation of them in this respect is undoubtedly a sincere form of flattering them.

___ As is being driven to over the top, irrational, invective at the slightest appearance of oposition to leftie fantasy.

___ Those addicted to dreams of utopia while marching in lockstep on the Road to Dystopia are often provoked to semi-incoherent rage by persons prefering reason to political correctness.

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